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   TheCollege of Humanities and Social DevelopmentDepartment of Art was founded in 2008, formerly known as the Musical Part ofPublic Service Administration of Humanities and Social Sciences established in1997. There are 15 people in ArtDepartment, and a teachingstaff, consisting of 2 Professors, 5 vice-Professors, 5 lecturers, 3 assistants,of which there are 14 people achieve the master's degrees. These Teachers, graduatedfrom the subjects of Drama and Film, music and dance, Chinese literature, etc. comprisea teaching staff that possesses a rational structure, well-paid attention on teachingand research, and a backbone from young teachers.

ArtDepartment consists of a Major of Performing, featuring multi-skill as the mainschool characteristics, mainly for the social grassroots, the people engaged incultural work. Art Department adheres to the school policy of combiningteaching and practice in teaching, focusing on training students' practicalwork. After several years of teaching research and practice, the cultural affairs,cultural centers, culture science and technology companies were established as thecore teaching practice base and provided the necessary conditions for teachingand research.

Fromthe past five years, the art department has undertaken more than 30 researchprojects, participating in various art competitions won more than 10 nationalawards and Cities-Class Award more than 100, publishing more than 100 articles,editing 8 monographs for professional development for which the foundation wasneeded to be laid.