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   Cultural Management, formerly known as the Department of Literatureand Art, founded in 1997, which has been renamed in 2008. There are 8 full-timeteachers, including 3 associate professors and 5 lecturers, 3 visitingprofessors, 1 faculty postdoctoral coming from management, literature, art andother disciplines.

The faculty includes Public Affairs Management, which started torecruit students in 1998. Its original name is “Culture and Arts Management”.It has been renamed for Public Affairs Management (Arts and Cultural Management)after the Ministry of Education adjusting the undergraduate course catalog. Thisspecialty was first identified as one of professional talent trainingcharacteristics.Public Affairs Management was named the featurespecialty in 2003. There are off-campus practice teaching bases of "AitaoArt Center", "Nanjing Jinwen Brocade Art Research Institute" andcampus internship platform of Shipingxian creative studio.Our Department ofPublic Affairs Management ranked sixteenth in 352 colleges and universities forthe Professional competence in 2014-2015, which is a five-star one.

Our department have made some achievements in scientific research,which made clear the "agricultural cultural heritage, rural culture constructionresearch" as main research directions through cross-cutting collaborationwith our scientific and technological history. Our teachers have published over10 books and 100 papers. They have undertaken a national issue and a number ofprovincial projects as well in recent years. All of them form a team based onthe project of scientific research. The research achievements recognized bysociety, and repeatedly received provincial and ministerial scientific researchawards.

Current department director: Li Ming