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   The Faculty of Law established with the approval ofthe Ministry of Education in 2000. It has 13 full-time staff members (including3 professors, 5 associate professors and 5 lecturers). Many faculty members wonseveral NJAU teaching award. Two members were awarded as outstanding teachers,and one was granted prestigious teacher. The Faculty ofLaw has a reasonably structured and experienced teaching staff.

The Faculty of Law sets goals for legal talenttraining related to agriculture. Students major 16 legal courses required bySteering Committee of Legal Education, minor agriculturallaw, agriculture and life science courses etc. It meets the basic need of thestudents, and makes the students become applied talents with ability to useagricultural law. The Faculty of Law sets courses related to agriculture, suchas agricultural law, land law, food safety law, legal consultation in ruralcommunity, agricultural legal question survey, rural economy law research,circular economic law. The Faculty of Law attaches great importance to thepractical teaching, such as moot court, community legal service and legalclinic education. The Faculty of Law focuses on the cultivation of legalpractice skills. Currently, the faculty of Law establishes more than 10teaching practice bases in the judiciary, law firms, notary public, the newsmedia and other units in Jiangsu province and AnhuiProvince.

The master degree in economiclaw was granted in 2006. The Faculty of Law established NJAUagriculture and rural law research center in 2007, which hosted the fifthPhilosophy Social Science Conference in JiangsuProvince and Economic Law Conferencein the JiangsuProvince in 2011. The Faculty of Lawobtained the qualification of awarding Juris Master in 2014.

The Faculty of Law always adheres to the teaching andscientific research, and actively creates conditions to encourage teachers andstudents to engage in scientific research activities. The research focuses onthe rural land law, agricultural products, food safety, resources andenvironmental protection, land dispute settlement and so on. In recent years,teachers have published 8 academic books and 20 textbooks. Staff members take45 scientific research projects at various levels and publish more than 100academic papers. At the same time, members guide students to carry outscientific research training, who have accomplished 22 projects of nationalinnovation, Provincial innovation and NJAU SRT.

4 professors serve aslegal counsel for NJAU. The Faculty of Law creates "law in action",which provides legal aid to the masses through the community legalworkstations, rural legal service, workers legal service, youth legaleducation, rural legal empirical research and other activities, which creategood social repercussions.